On a recent day, when neighbouring school boards closed schools because of cold weather, Southwest Cincinnati schools opened earlier and stayed open later. In fact, the school day was about 4 hours longer than normal.

Why? As  a service to parents and families who had to go to work and had a much longer morning and evening commute due to the weather conditions.

Lots of unknowns here:

  • What about the safety of school staff who have to travel in and open the schools?
  • Were staff compensated for the extra hours?
  • Is it considered a regular school day or simply a day when the school is “babysitting” the students. Based on the video it looks like a normal school day.
  • What about the students who don’t attend? Is that an absence?

Perhaps the biggest question is: What is the responsibility of schools to parents and families? In areas where schools are a “safe haven” for students should they be open when students needs them most?

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