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The temperature is creeping up, more skin is showing, garden centres are buzzing and sunscreen sales are rising. The signs of approaching summer are unmistakable, and with this comes the annual hand wringing over Summer Learning Loss. Summer Learning Loss is something people complain about but little changes. It’s been an issue for over 30 […]

Anonymous online confession pages for students are nothing new. Juicycampus launched in 2007 with the goal of enabling “online anonymous free speech on college campuses”. They were joined in 2008 by College which peaked with over 900,000 views in a single day in 2010. Even then, these services were controversial as schools tried to […]

On April 8th I had the privilege of being asked to present at The Lakehead Public Schools Parent Involvement Committee’s Social Media Lowdown and then participate in a panel discussion. Here is most of my presentation, captured by Sheila Stewart.

On February 26th I published “Opting Out of EQAO“, where I shared stories from parents who chose, for a variety of reasons, to ensure that their children did not write the annual EQAO tests. One of the stories contained more, so I offerred my blog to share the full story. This is the unedited story, […]

Teens and pre-teens are using social media a lot while deserting Facebook, so where are they going?

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