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Schools in Arkansas and Pennsylvania are piloting programs that replace inclement weather days with “cyber days”. On days when schools are closed due to inclement weather, teachers send or post assignments to students who complete and return them for evaluation later that day.

Schools should provide a quiet, supervised space, where any student who wishes can sit quietly and eat or read. The expectations would be well established, and students who don’t respect the needs of others for a quiet space would be returned to the regular eating area.

I’m somewhat late to the discussion about the value of awards and honour roll kicked off by a Calgary school’s decision to do away with them, and the subsequent public reaction. My hope is to be fashionably late 🙂 Like many educators I too have concerns about the place that awards and an “honour roll” […]

The role of extracurriculars in Ontario schools has been permanently altered. The toothpaste is out of the tube, and no matter how much we try it will not be going back in again.

What we forget is that schools don’t just remake society, they also reflect it. Schools aren’t islands, they’re microcosms, connected to their communities.

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