Here are a few of the fun and interesting projects I’ve initiated to improve the learning in my classroom and school.

Rebranding Brantford

In 2012 The City of Brantford announced it was rebranding itself. When I heard I offered to do to job for free with my grade 4/5 students. In February 2014 we finished out work on this project and Mayor Chris Friel came and saw my students’ work.

Library Makerspace

The Brantford Public Library wanted to develop a school program to encourage students to use some of their new digital tools. Together we developed the Makerspace program and my grade 4/5 class was the first class to try it out.

The Major Ballachey iPad Project

In the spring of 2012 I lead an effort to raise funds so that our school could buy new technology for the school. By collaborating with community partners we raised over $10,000 for new technology.