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One of my first roles as a teacher was to spy on students. I was offered a teaching job at one of the first schools in Ontario to have a school-wide network. The principal wasn’t entirely sure what a network was, and so she needed some help. I was hired to teach grade 8, but I was also in […]

In our rush to embrace new technology in the classroom, we must also ensure that we are also protecting our students long term freedom. There’s really no point in teaching students to think and express themselves if we are, at the same time, creating a future where they don’t have the freedom to do so.

Danah Boyd describes in “It’s Complicated” that cultural shifts are often met with “Moral Panic“. Parents in the 1950’s were convinced that Rock and Roll music would corrupt their children, a notion that seems laughable now. This pattern repeats with each successive generation adopting a new reason for parents to overreact and “protect” their children. It used to be television that made teens […]

The story of Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari is fascinating. Amina, born in the US to an American mother and a Syrian father, grew up spending time in both countries. She “came out” at 26 years of age and shortly after returned to Syria where she taught English and wrote on her blog “A Gay Girl […]

A discussion of Media Smarts survey that examined the role of networked technologies in young Canadian’s lives

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