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A full-scale implementation of BYOD in classrooms would significantly disadvantage large groups of low income students and create a significant gap between schools and between students.

It’s amazing how quickly things go out of date. One day you have the latest, coolest tablet and the next, you’re lining up to buy a new model ­čÖé Teachers go out of date professionally, just like tech. They go though the motions, doing the same stuff they’ve been doing for years. Staying current in […]

Just finished listening to the latest edupunks podcast┬áabout etextbooks and the impact of┬á┬áthis slick move of Apple’s into the textbook market. Once the initial hype has faded it seems likely that this won’t be quite the revolution Apple is predicting. Some reasons: iPads are closed systems and Apple wants to closely control what goes on […]

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