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There are many good reasons to question the increasing use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in schools. BYOD brings income inequity into the classroom in a way that directly affects instruction. Families that don’t provide “up to date technology” limit students’ ability to learn. BYOD also affects the kind of learning that can […]

A discussion of Media Smarts survey that examined the role of networked technologies in young Canadian’s lives

I’ve watched The Wire multiple times and feel it has a lot to say about education and teaching. Here are five lessons I’ve spotted.

  My car wouldn’t start this morning and I had to get some help (thanks universe). The tow truck driver showed up and his kid (a 10 year old girl) was with him. First day of summer vacation and she’s riding around in a truck doing service calls. Had a walk through the park and […]

Guaranteed “secret” ways to improve your school’s EQAO scores culled from the from the fifteen highest scoring EQAO schools along with “what not to do” from the fifteen bottom schools.

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