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The commercial and cultural success of the “Harry Potter series” of books is well know. Less well-known is that the books were written in a coffee shop. J.K. Rowling, then a single mother on income support, would set out pushing her child through the streets of Edinburgh. When the infant fell asleep, she’d dash to a […]

In September 4th, 2014, LizSandals, The Minister of Education for Ontario, visited Dr. J. Edgar Davey Elementary School to announce the creation of a $150-million technology and learning fund. The money will be spent over 3 years and will be used to purchase tablets, software, cameras and other IT resources, to help schools share innovative teaching approaches and provide professional development […]

A principal is not simply another educator. They are also a teacher’s immediate supervisor and as such, are responsible for all that entails. How free is a teacher to openly disagree with a curriculum related suggestion from a principal? Do they really want to oppose someone who affects their lives in so many ways?

Does class size matter or not? Yes and no. A different way of understanding the effect of class size on learning may help us design a more effective way of managing class size and maximizing learning.

Schools are not effective all the time, because perfection is a theoretical concept, not a realistic expectation. When schools don’t meet all the needs of a student, without minimizing this, it’s also important to remember that there are many other students successfully learning under those same conditions.

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