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Just as the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano signal the start of spring, high school students visiting their elementary school teacher marks the start of the school year. Their first year in high school they come back en masse to reassure themselves you’re still there. Several years ago, in early September, I was talking to an agitated former student. […]

The struggle between these two poles in education, between Back to Basics and the Progressive education has been raging for centuries. What we believe about them is the most fundamental question about education. Are we trying to help students fit the world or create a new world that fits them?

“May we exist like a lotus, At home in the muddy water.” Zen Buddhist saying. I was recently contacted by a mainstream media outlet. They were covering a contentious education topic and wondered if I’d contribute. After a few minutes talking with a producer it became obvious what they wanted. They were looking for someone to […]

On September 28th I invited anyone interested to join me online and participate in the Ministry of Education’s “From Great to Excellent” public consultation process. Over 4 weeks we’ll consider all seven questions, discuss them and prepare something for submission to The Ministry. This is my effort at capturing some of that discussion: We started […]

I’ve watched The Wire multiple times and feel it has a lot to say about education and teaching. Here are five lessons I’ve spotted.

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