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A recent school assembly threw up an object lesson on how far we have to go with student data privacy. My school is an enthusiastic participant in Jump Rope for Heart. I support the work of The Heart and Stroke Foundation, and on “Jump Rope Day” my students will be skipping and I will be encouraging them as […]

In our rush to embrace new technology in the classroom, we must also ensure that we are also protecting our students long term freedom. There’s really no point in teaching students to think and express themselves if we are, at the same time, creating a future where they don’t have the freedom to do so.

If you just woke up to the impending student data crisis…welcome. It’s good to have you aboard. What may surprise many is that the issues raised by the NY Times article about Class Dojo aren’t new. They’ve been around for a while and a few individuals have been trying in vain to sound the alarm. Schools have been […]

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